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Salter Labs 1600HF-7-10 Salter Labs Respiratory Division Cannula Adult high Flow

SKU box 30 salter labs green 1600hf sp1

High Flow Capability: Tailored to provide high-flow therapy, this cannula is perfect for patients requiring elevated levels to effectively support respiratory function
Comfort-Focused Design: The soft, pliable nasal prongs offer comfort during extended use, gently conforming to nasal contours to minimize discomfort and irritation often associated with cannulas.
Latex-Free Composition: Free from latex, this cannula ensures hypoallergenic suitability, catering to patients with latex sensitivities or allergies, thus enhancing overall safety and comfort.
Versatile Compatibility: This cannula is compatible with various sources, including high-flow concentrators, and it seamlessly integrates into different oxygen therapy setups for hassle-free use.
User-Friendly: The cannula features a straightforward design for quick setup and easy application. Lightweight tubing minimizes drag, allowing patients freedom of movement without hindrance.
designed for oxygen flows up to 15 LPM