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Replacement Battery for Sony Digital Mavica NP-F550 NP-F570

SKU Sony NP-F550
Fit to the device models: 
Sony CCD-TRV41, DCR-TRU47E, MVC-FD81, CCD-TR3300E, CCD-TR76, CCD-TRV71, DCR-TRV203, GV-D200 (Video Walkman), PLM-A55 (Glasstron), CCD-TRV35, DCR-SC100, MVC-FD71, DSR-PD190P, CCD-TR315E, CCD-TR728, CCD-TRV66E, DCR-TRV120E, DSR-V10P (Video Walkman), DCR-VX2100E, CCD-TRV25, CCD-TRV98, MVC-FD5, CCD-TR918, CCD-TR3100E, CCD-TR717E, CCD-TRV59, DCR-TR8100E, DSR-PD170, PLM-50 (Glasstron), CCD-TRV15, CCD-TRV88, GV-A500, DCR-TRV125, CCD-TR280PK, CCD-TR713E, CCD-TRV56E, DCR-TR7000E, DSR-PD100AP, PBD-D50 (DVD Player), CCD-TR930, CCD-TRV82, DCR-VX9, HVR-V1J, CCD-TR2200E, CCD-TR618E, CCD-TRV48E, Cyber-shot DSC-D700, DCR-VX2000E, MVC-FDR1E (Digital Mavica), CCD-TR87, CCD-TRV78E, DCR-TV900E, DCR-VX2001, CCD-TR1E, CCD-TR617, CCD-TRV47, CVX-V18NSP (Nightshot Camers), DCR-TRV820K, MVC-FD85, CCD-TR57, CCD-TRV72, DCR-TRV9, HVR-V1U, CCD-TR12, CCD-TR516E, CCD-TRV37E, CCD-TRV98E, DCR-TRV720E, MVC-FD200, CCD-TR500, CCD-TRV68, DCR-TRV7, HVR-Z1J, CCD-SC9, CCD-TR511E, CCD-TRV201, CCD-TRV94E, DCR-TRV58E, HVR-Z1C, CCD-TR3000, CCD-TRV65, DCR-TRV510, MVC-FD97, CCD-SC7, CCD-TR425E, CCD-TR97, CCD-TRV92, DCR-TRV49E, HVR-M10N (videocassette recorder), CCD-TR215, CCD-TRV58, DCR-TRV310, MVC-FD91, CCD-SC55E, CCD-TR415E, CCD-TR913E, CCD-TRV87E, DCR-TRV310K, HVL-20DW2 (Video Light), CCD-SC5, CCD-TRV46, DCR-TRV110, MVC-FD87, CCD-RV200, CCD-TR412E, CCD-TR810E, CCD-TRV80PK, DCR-TRV210E, GV-D800 (Video Walkman), CCD-TRV26E, CCD-TRV4, DCR-TR7, MVC-FD75, EVO-250 (Video Recorder), CCD-TR3200E, CCD-TR730E, CCD-TRV67E, DCR-TRV130E, GV-A700 (Video Walkman), PLM-A35 (Glasstron), CCD-TRV315, DCM-M1, MVC-FD7, HVR-Z1, CCD-TR315, CCD-TR718E, CCD-TRV63, DCR-TRV110K, DSR-V10 (Video Walkman), CCD-TRV215, CCD-TRV95, MVC-CD1000, DCR-TRV620, CCD-TR3000E, CCD-TR717, CCD-TRV57E, DCR-TR8000E, DSR-PD150P, PLM-100 (Glasstron), CCD-TRT97, CCD-TRV87, DSR-PD100A, DCR-TR8100, CCD-TR2300E, CCD-TR710, CCD-TRV54E, D-V500 (DVD Player), DSR-PD100, MVC-FDR3E (Digital Mavica), CCD-TR917, CCD-TRV815, DCR-VX2100, HVL-20DW (Video Light), CCD-TR205, CCD-TR618, CCD-TRV48, Cyber-shot DSC-CD400, DCR-TRV935K, MVC-FDR1 (Digital Mavica), CCD-TR818, CCD-TRV75, DCR-TV900, HVR-Z1P, CCD-TR18E, CCD-TR610, CCD-TRV46E, CVX-V18NS (Nightshot Camers), DCR-TRV820E, MVC-FD83K, CCD-TR517, CCD-TRV716, DCR-TRV820, HDR-FX7E, CCD-TR1100E, CCD-TR515E, CCD-TRV37, CCD-TRV95K, DCR-TRV620K, MVC-FD100, CCD-TR416, CCD-TRV67, DCR-TRV525, Q002-HDR1, CCD-SC8/E, CCD-TR427E, CCD-TRV16E, CCD-TRV940, DCR-TRV520E, HVR-M10U (videocassette recorder), CCD-TR300, CCD-TRV62, DCR-TRV320, MVC-FD95, CCD-SC65, CCD-TR417E, CCD-TR950E, CCD-TRV91, DCR-TRV420E, HVR-M10E (videocassette recorder), CCD-TR200, CCD-TRV517, DCR-TRV130, MVC-FD90, CCD-SC55, CCD-TR414, CCD-TR845E, CCD-TRV86PK, DCR-TRV310E, HDR-FX1E, CCD-TRV43, DCR-TRV103, MVC-FD83, CCD-RV100, CCD-TR411E, CCD-TR760E, CCD-TRV78, DCR-TRV210, GV-D300 (Video Walkman), CCD-TRV36E, CCD-TRV36, DCR-TR7000, MVC-FD73, DSR-DU1 (Video Disk Unit), CCD-TR317, CCD-TR728E, CCD-TRV66K, DCR-TRV125E, GV-A100 (Video Walkman), HVR-Z1U, CCD-TRV3000, CCD-TRV99, MVC-FD51, HVR-Z1E, CCD-TR311E, CCD-TR718, CCD-TRV59E, DCR-TRV110E, DSR-PD170P, UPX-2000 (Printer), CCD-TRV16, CCD-TRV93, GV-A500E, DCR-TRV420, CCD-TR290PK, CCD-TR716, CCD-TRV57, DCR-TR7100E, DSR-PD150, PBD-V30 (DVD Player), CCD-TR940, CCD-TRV85, DSR-200, DCR-TR8000, CCD-TR2300, CCD-TR640E, CCD-TRV49, Cyber-shot DSC-D770, DCR-VX9000, MVC-FDR3 (Digital Mavica), CCD-TR910, CD-TRV81, DCR-VX2000, HVL-ML20 (Marine Light), CCD-TR2, CCD-TR617E, CCD-TRV47E, Cyber-shot DSC-CD250, DCR-TRV900E, MVC-FD88K, CCD-TR67, CCD-TRV720, DCR-TRV900, HVR-Z1N, CCD-TR18, CCD-TR555, CCD-TRV45K, CRX10U(CD-RW), DCR-TRV735K, MVC-FD73K, CCD-TR516, CCD-TRV715, DCR-TRV720, HDR-FX7, CCD-TR11, CCD-TR512E, CCD-TRV27E, CCD-TRV95E, DCR-TRV620E, MPK-DVF4, CCD-TR3300, CCD-TRV66, DCR-TRV520, HDR-FX1, CCD-SC7/E, CCD-TR427, CCD-TRV101, CCD-TRV930, DCR-TRV5, HVR-M10P (videocassette recorder), CCD-TR3, CCD-TRV615, DCR-TRV315, MVC-FD92, CCD-SC6, CCD-TR417, CCD-TR918E, CCD-TRV90, DCR-TRV320E, HVR-M10C (videocassette recorder), CCD-TR1, CCD-TRV51, DCR-TRV120, MVC-FD88, CCD-SC5/E, CCD-TR413, CCD-TR840E, CCD-TRV85K, DCR-TRV220K, GV-D900 (Video Walkman)

Compatible with the battery part numbers: NP-F330, NP-F530, NP-F570, NP-F550