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GOAMZ Push Up Board,12 in 1 Foldable Push Up Rack Board, Body Building Pushup

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SKU upstairs store PUSH UP BOARD
Multi-color decoding Push up board: different colors are specifically targeted at different muscle groups of the body for training. Decode different colors to start a physical exercise game. You can explore 12 exciting games and create different games. Sports are also very interesting activities.Red Line-Shoulder Movement,Blue Line-Chest Exercise,Green Line-Triceps Movement,Yellow Line-Trapezius muscle movement
Professional and precise guidance: Muscle board push up is customized according to the effects of professional sports. Efficient and planned to make you the best. 
The advantages of pushup stands training: Tones and scuplts your core and entire lower body including gluies, Builds strength, endurance, speed and agility. Combine Power PressTM push ups with at-home cardio, plyometric, and abs/core exercises for a total body workout Can accelerate the burning of fat