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Galaxy S10 5G UV Glue Nano Optics 3D 9H Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector

SKU box 46-14
3D Curved Glass  Screen Protector for your Samsung Galaxy 5G device.

The Curved screen protectors will make sure you don’t lose screen  sensitivity and able to use your phone as the manufacturer  intended. Say no to shoddy looking screen protectors that make  your screen irresponsive, not to mention the bubbles that make  your phone look cheap.

New adhesive  technology (UV liquid Gel) and UV light will fill in the hollow  bubbles and improve the sensitivity making sure there is no gap  between your finger and the screen. Also making sure the  tempered glass sticks to the mobile phone better without any  dead angle.

Our Tempered  Glass Screen Protector feels thinner however it is made of  strong premium material.
It is Anti-knock and scratch resistant. You also won’t have to  worry about Visible oily finger prints on your screen. Follow  the Instructions and rest assured knowing your expensive phone  is protected.

Full Package  Includes: 3D Curved Tempered Glass, UV Light ,  UV Adhesive Gel, Wet Cleaning Wipes, Dust Absorber, Dry Cloth

Compatible  Model: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G