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Flea Spray Killer - For Pet Beds & Soft Furnishing PestShield Household 4 Cans

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SKU Aerosol downstairs- Advanced flea killer x2
2 x PestShield Branded Home Flea Spray 200ML With ADVANCED Formula

Product Description:
1. Comes in 200ml Spray
2. This product made by PestShield which is leading (One of the best) Brand for Flea Spray
3. Contains Permethrin 0.14% w/w
4. Contains Tetramethrin 0.18% w/w
5. Ideal for Pet Beds and Soft Furnishings
6. Best for killing fleas in pet beds and homes
7. Cab be used to kill ants and other small insects

Directions for Use:
1. Shake Well before use
2. For direct Knockdown, Spray directly at insect for 2 - 3 seconds
    from 60 - 90 cm away

For Room treatments:
1. Close all windows and doors
2. Spray in all directions for 5 - 10 seconds for an average size room (30 M Seq)
3. Keep room close and do not enter for 10 minutes