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Diamond DB1 Battery - 200A

SKU box 27 diamond bike battery lifep04
Diamond Lightweight Motorcycle Racing Batteries
Model: DB-1 (Replacement for YTZ-5S/7S and similar batteries, see chart below)

Diamond Lightweight Racing Batteries are designed to be a huge upgrade over the now outdated lead acid and gel type batteries fitted to most motorcycles today - Featuring the latest ultra reliable Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) cell technology and integrated smart chip to provide protection against a multitude of battery damaging incidents, meaning HUGE weight savings, improved performance, and a massively extended service life.

Worked into the strong yet sleek long-fibre ABS outer body of the battery, is a click activated power status monitor/indicator and outer lugs for mounting with a strap or o-rings.


- Lithium Ion - LiFePo4 technology.
- Twice the service life of OEM fitted lead acid batteries.
- Extremely lightweight, up to 75% weight saving over OEM.
- Durable ABS casing incorporates lugs on each side of unit for use in O-Ring fastened applications.
- One click charge status monitor/indicator.
- Includes stainless screws, washers and spring washers.
- Over charge / discharge protection.
- Over heat protection.
- Charge equalising system.
- Low charge protection.
- Operating temperature: -20°C to 55°C.
- Voltage: 12.8V.
- Capacity: 2Ah. (6.3Ah-7.4Ah Lead equiv.)
- Cranking Capacity: 200A.
- 12 months warranty.
- Dimensions: 92mm(W) x 38mm(D) x 43mm(H)
- Product weight: 450g.

The Diamond DB1 battery is suitable for replacing the following models:

YTZ5S, YTZ7S, YTX4L-BS, YTX5L-BS, YTX7L-BS, YB4L-A, YB4L-B, YB5L-B, YB6.5L-B, YB7L-B, 12N4-3B, 12N5-3B, 12N5.5-3B, 12N7-3B, 12N7A-3A, 12N7CZ-3D, 12N7D-3B.