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Battery for Samsung R460 R462 R468H R507 Series AA-PBNS6B AA-PB9NC6W

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SKU box 52 samsung R460 BATTERY
Battery type: Li-ion
Voltage: 10.8V/11.1V
Capacity: 5200mAh

Compatible Part Numbers

Compatible with laptop models
Samsung NP-Q530,NP-RF511,NP-SF410,NT-Q530 series,
Samsung Q430,Q530 series,
Samsung R428, R429, R430, R463, R464, R465, R466 series,
Samsung R467, R468, R470, R470, R478, R480 series,
Samsung R507, R517, R518, R519, R520, R522, R580, R718 series,
Samsung R720, R728, R730, RC410, RC510, RC710 series,
Samsung RF411, RF512, RF711, RF712, RV420, RV440 series,
Samsung RV509I, RV520, RV540, RV72 series

Samsung NT-M730 NP-E272 NT-E272 300E7A NP300E7A 300E 300E3A 300E4A series
Samsung NP-R540 Series
NP-R540-JA02CA, NP-R540E, NP-R540I

Samsung NP-SF411 Series
NP-SF411-A01, NP-SF411I

Samsung P210 Series
P210, P210-BA01, P210-BA02, P210-BS01,
P210-BS02, P210-BS04, P210-BS05,
P210-Pro P8400 Padou, P210-XA01

Samsung P460 Series
P460, P460-44G, P460-44P, P460-AA01,
P460-AA02, P460-Pro P8600 Pompeji

Samsung Q320 Series
Q320, Q320-32P, Q320-Aura P7450 Benks,
Q320-Aura P7450 Darjo, Q320-Aura P8700 Balin

Samsung R540 Series
R540-JA02, R540-JA02AU, R540-JA04,
R540-JA05, R540-JA06, R540-JA08,
R540-JA09, R540-JS03AU, R540-JS08AU

Samsung R780 Series
R780, R780-JT01

Samsung RF511 Series
RF511, RF511-S01, RF511-S02,
RF511-S03, RF511-S04, RF511-S05,

Samsung RV409 Series
RV409, RV409I

Samsung RV509 Series
RV509, RV509E

Samsung SF410 Series
SF410-A01, SF410-A02


NP300E5C-A05UK , NP300E5C-A06UK ,

NP300E5C-A03UK, NP300E5C-A04UK

550P7C NP550P7C, NP350V5C-A08UK

NP350V5C-A09UK, NP355V5C-S01UK

300E4Z 300E5A 300E5Z 300E7Z NP300E

NT300E NT300E3A
Samsung NP350V5C series

NP350V5C-A01UK, NP350V5C-A04UK

Saung RV520 RV520E RV520I RV711 NP-RV511I NP-RV515 NP-RV515E series
Saung NP-R719 NP-R719E NP-R720 NP-R720E NP-RV515I series
Saung NP-R530CE NP-R530E NP-R538 NP-R540 series