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Battery for HP Pavilion DV6000 DV6500 DV6800 DV6900 HSTNN-DB42 HSTNN-LB42

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SKU HP Laptop Box 1 DV2000 Replacement

Tested cells and the highest quality electronics ensure that the  battery with your laptop works just like an original battery!

  • Our cells offer a high, capacity of 4400 mAh (48 Wh)

  • High capacity means long working hours - from 2 hours to 5 hours of battery life, depending on the configuration of the laptop and the operating mode

  • Green Cell cells are also durable - up to 1000 full charge cycles

  • Modern control electronics ensure full compatibility with HP - notebooks

  • Capacity: 4400 mAh | Voltage: 10.8 V | Certification: CE, RoHS und FCC | 12 months warranty

Product Description

Technical Details:

  • Colour: Black 
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 10.8V/11.1V
  • Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Brand: The Battery Shop
  • Package Dimensions: 245*90*40mm
  • Certificate: CE, RoHS, FCC
  • Condition: New from the manufacturer, class A cell
Compatible Part Number:
  • For HP: 

441425-001, 432306-001, 432307-001,417066-001, 446506-001, 446507-001, 454931-001,

455804-001, 441243-141, 436281-141, 441462-251, EV088AA, EV089AA, HSTNN-DB32,


  • For COMPAQ : 462337-001, HSTNN-LB42,
  • For HP: 

411462-141, 411462-261, 411462-321, 411462-442, 432306-001, 436281-251, 436281-361,

436281-422, 440772-001, 441425-001, 441611-001, 454931-001, 455804-001, 460143-001,


  • For HP COMPAQ: 

411462-421, 411463-251, 417066-001, EV088AA, EV089AA, EX940AA, EX941AA, HSTNN-DB32, HSTNN-LB31  

Fit Laptop Computer Models:(Pls click "Ctrl+F" to check the model)

For HP Pavilion DX6000 Series:

DX6000 DX6500 DX6600 DX6650 DX6650CA DX6650US DX6653CA DX6665CA DX6667CL DX6697US DX6699XX DX6700

For HP Compaq Presario A900 Series:

A900 A900ED A900EO A900ES A900XX A901TU A901XX A902TU A902XX A903TU A903XX A905TU A906TU A907TU A908TU A909TU A909US A910CA A910EA A910ED A910EG A910EL A910EM A910EO A910ET A910TU A913CL A915EF A915EL A916NR A918CA A920EE A920EG A920EN A924CA A925EF A928CA A930CA A930EL A930ET A930XX A931NR A931TU A933TU A934TU A935EA A935EG A935EM A935TU A936CA A936TU A937TU A938CA A938TU A939CA A940CA A940ED A940EG A940EL A940ES A940NR A942CA A944CA A945EE A945EF A945EM A945US A948CA A949NR A950ED A950EF A950EL A950EM A950EO A950ES A960ED A960EF A960EM A960EO A961EM A961TU A962TU A963TU A964TU A965EF A965TU A966TU A967TU A968TU A969TU A970EF A970EG A970EL A970EM A970EO A970TU A971TU A972TU A975EM A980EO A986EO A904TU A915US A917NR A920US A970ED A970EE A970ES A980EL

For HP Compaq Presario C700 Series:

C756TU C757CA C757EA C757EL C757EM C757LA C758CA C758LA C759LA C760 C760ED C760EL C760EM C760ES C760ET C760LA C760T C760XX C761ES C761TU C762NR C762TU C763TU C764NR C764TU C765BR C765EL C765EM C765ET C765TU C766LA C766TU C767EL C767LA C767TU C768BR C768CA C768LA C768TU C769CA C769LA C769TU C769US C770BR C770ED C770EE C770EF C770EG C770EL C770EM C770ES C770ET C770LA C770TU C770US C771TU C771US C772EG C772EM C772LA C772TU C773EA C773EL C773EM C773TU C774TU C775EF C775EL C775EM C775TU C776CA C776NR C776TU C777CL C777EL C777NR C777TU C778LA C778TU C779TU C780EE C780EF C780EL C780ES C780LA C780TU C781TU C782TU C783EF C783TU C784TU C785EM C785TU C786TU C790EC C790ED C790EE C790EF C790EI C790EL C790EM C790EP C790ES C790EV C790LA C791EC C791EM C791ER C791ES C791EV C791Tu C791VU C791WU C792EA C792EB C792EI C792EJ C792EK C792EM C792ES C792EV C792EW C792EZ C792TU C792VU C792WU C793EM C793ES C793TU C793VU C793WU C794EF C794EL C794EW C794TU C794VU C794WU C795EB C795ED C795EE C795EF C795EI C795EJ C7 95EK C795EL C795EM C795EO C795ER C795EV C795TR C795TU C795VU C795WU C796EF C796ET C796TU C796VU C796WU C797EE C797EI C797EL C797EO C797TU C797VU C798EB C798EL C798TR C798TU C798VU C799EO C799ER C799TR C799VU C799TU C703TU C710EE C729US C730LA C730US C753LA C756LA C772US

For HP Compaq Presario F500 Series:

F500 F500EA F500XX F501XX F502EA F502EU F502LA F504AU F504EA F504EM F504EU F505AU F505EA F505LA F506EA F506LA F545EA F545EU F550 F550EF F550EL F550EN F550EO F550ES F550ET F552LA F553CL F553US F555LA F555US F557US F557WM F558US F560EA F560EL F560EM F560ET F560US F560XX F561XX F562LA F564LA F565CA F565LA F566LA F572US F577CL F579WM F561US F573US

For HP Compaq Presario F700 Series:

F700 F700EF F700EM F700XX F701XX F702XX F706LA F710EE F710EF F710EL F712NR F712US F715EF F715EM F715EO F722CA F725EL F729EM F730EE F730EF F730EO F730ES F730US F731AU F732AU F732NR F733AU F734AU F735AU F735EL F735ES F736AU F737AU F738AU F739AU F739WM F740EF F740ES F740ET F750CA F750EL F750US F752LA F754CA F754LA F755 F755LA F755US F756CA F756LA F756NR F759WM F760EE F760EF F760EL F760EM F760EO F760XX F761AU F761US F761XX F762AU F762NR F763NR F764AU F764CA F765CA F765EA F765EL F765EM F767CL F767NR F768WM F769CA F769CL F769WM F770EL F775EL F780EL F705US F715US F740WM F759CA F763AU F780ET

For HP Pavilion DV2000 Series:

HP Pavilion DV2000T, DV2000Z, DV20001TU, DV2001TX, DV2001XX, DV2002TU, DV2002TX, DV2002XX, DV2003EA, DV2003TU, DV2003TX, DV2004EA, DV2004TU, DV2004TX, DV2004XX, DV2005EA, DV2005TU, DV2005TX, DV2005XX, DV2006EA, DV2006TU. DV2006TX, DV2006XX, DV2007EA, DV2007TU, DV2007TX, DV2008EA, DV2008TU, DV2008TX, DV2009EA, DV2009TU, DV2009TX, DV2009XX

HP Pavilion DV2010, DV2010EA, DV2010TU, DV2010TX, DV2011EA, DV2011TU, DV2011TX, DV2012EA, DV2012TU, DV2012TX, DV2013EA, DV2013TU, DV2013TX, DV2014EA, DV2014TU, DV2014TX, DV2015EA, DV2015NR, DV2015TU, DV2015TX, DV2016EA, DV2016TU, DV2016TX, DV2017EA, DV2017TU, DV2017TX, DV2018EA, DV2018TU, DV2018TX, DV2019EA, DV2019TU, DV2019TX

HP Pavilion DV2020, DV2020CA, DV2020EA, DV2020TU, DV2020TX, DV2020US, DV2021TU, DV2021TX, DV2022TU, DV2022US, DV2023TU, DV2024TU,DV2024TX, DV2025LA, DV2025NR, DV2025TU, DV2025TX, DV2026TU, DV2026TX, DV2027TU, DV2027TX, DV2028EA,DV2028TU, DV2028TX, DV2029EA, DV2029TU, DV2029TX

HP Pavilion DV2030, DV2030EA, DV2030TU, DV2030TX, DV2031EA, DV2031TU, DV2031TX ,DV2032EA, DV2032TU, DV2032TX, DV2033EA, DV2033TU, DV2033TX, DV2034EA, DV2034TU, DV2034TX, DV2035EA, DV2035LA, DV2035TU, DV2035TX, DV2035US, DV2036EA, DV2036TU, DV2036TX, DV2037TU, DV2037TX, DV2037US, DV2038TU, DV2038TX, DV2039TU, DV2039TX

HP Pavilion DV2040, DV2040CA, DV2040TU, DV2040TX, DV2040US, DV2041TU, DV2041TX,DV2042TU, DV2042TX, DV2043TU, DV2043TX, DV2044TU, DV2044TX, DV2045EA, DV2045TU, DV2046TU, DV2046TX, DV2047CL, DV2047TX, DV2048TX, DV2049TX

HP Pavilion DV2050, DV2050TX, DV2050US, DV2053EA, DV2054EA, DV2055EA, DV2056EA, DV2057EA, DV2058EA,DV2064EA, DV2065EA, DV2080, DV2080EA, DV2081EA, DV2082EA, DV2083EA, DV2084EA, DV2085EA, DV2088XX, DV2095EA, DV2097EA, DV2098EA, DV2099EA, DV2500T

DV2200 Series, DV2300 Series, DV2400 Series, DV2500 Series, DV2600 Series, DV2700 Series 

For HP Pavilion DV6000 Series:

HP Pavilion DV6000Z, DV6001EA, DV6001XX, DV6002XX, DV6003EA, DV6003XX, DV6004EA, DV6005EA, DV6006EA, DV6007EA
HP Pavilion DV6010, DV6010EA, DV6011EA, DV6012EA, DV6013EA, DV6014EA, DV6015EA, DV6016EA, DV6017EA, DV6018EA, DV6019EA
HP Pavilion DV6020, DV6020EA, DV6021EA, DV6022EA, DV6023EA, DV6024EA, DV6025EA
HP Pavilion DV6040CA, DV6040US, DV6045NR, DV6050, DV6054EA, DV6057EA, DV6058CL, DV6058EA, DV6059EA
HP Pavilion DV6060, DV6060EA, DV6061EA, DV6062EA, DV6063EA, DV6064EA, DV6065EA, DV6067EA, DV6086EA, DV6087EA, DV6088EA, DV6095EA, DV6097EA

For HP Pavilion DV6100 Series:

HP Pavilion DV6100EA, DV6101EA, DV6101EU, DV6101TU, DV6101TX, DV6102EA, DV6102EU, DV6102OD, DV6102TX, DV6103EA, DV6103EU, DV6103NR, DV6103TX, DV6104EA, DV6104EU, DV6104TX, DV6105CA, DV6105EA, DV6105EU, DV6105TX, DV6105US, DV6106EA, DV6106EU, DV6106TX, DV6107EA, DV6107EU, DV6107TX, DV6107US, DV6108EA DV6108NR, DV6108TX, DV6109EA, DV6109OM, DV6109TX

HP Pavilion DV6110, DV6110BR, DV6110CA, DV6110EA, DV6110EU, DV6110TX, DV6110US, DV6111EA, DV6111EU, DV6111TX, DV6112EA, DV6112TX, DV6113CA, DV6113EA, DV6113EU, DV6113TX, DV6113US, DV6114EA, DV6114TX, DV6115CA, DV6115EA, DV6115EU, DV6115TX, DV6116EA, DV6116EU, DV6116TX, DV6117EU, DV6117TX, DV6118EA, DV6118EU, DV6118TX, DV6119EA, DV6119EU, DV6119TX, DV6119US

HP Pavilion DV6120, DV6120BR, DV6120CA, DV6120EA, DV6120EU, DV6120LA, DV6120TX, DV6120US, DV6121EA, DV6121TX, DV6122EA, DV6122TX, DV6123EA, DV6123EU, DV6123TX, DV6124EA, DV6124EU, DV6124TX, DV6125EA, DV6125OM, DV6125SE, DV6125TX, DV6126EA, DV6126EU, DV6126TX, DV6127EA, DV6127EU, DV6127TX, DV6128EA, DV6128EU, DV6128TX, DV6129EA, DV6129EU, DV6129TX, DV6129US

HP Pavilion DV6130, DV6130CA, DV6130EA, DV6130EU, DV6130TX, DV6130US, DV6131EA, DV6131EU, DV6131OD, DV6131TX, DV6132EA, DV6132EU, DV6132TX, DV6133EA, DV6133EU, DV6133TX, DV6134EA, DV6134EU, DV6134TX, DV6135CA, DV6135EA, DV6135EU, DV6135NR, DV6135TX, DV6136EA, DV6136EU, DV6136TX, DV6137EA, DV6137EU, DV6137TX, DV6138EA, DV6138EU, DV6138TX, DV6139EA, DV6139EU, DV6139TX, DV6139US

HP Pavilion DV6140, DV6140CA, DV6140EA, DV6140EU, DV6140TX, DV6140US, DV6141EA, DV6141EU, DV6141TX, DV6142EA, DV6142EU, DV6142TX, DV6143EA, DV6143TX, DV6144EA, DV6144EU, DV6144TX, DV6145EA, DV6145EU, DV6145TX, DV6146EA, DV6146EU, DV6146TX, DV6147EA, DV6147EU, DV6147TX, DV6148EA, DV6148EU, DV6148TX, DV6149EA, DV6149EU, DV6149TX, DV6149US

HP Pavilion DV6150, DV6150BR, DV6150CA, DV6150EA, DV6150EU, DV6150TX, DV6150US, DV6151EA, DV6151EU, DV6152EA, DV6152EU, DV6153EA, DV6153EU, DV6154EA, DV6154EU, DV6155EA, DV6155EU, DV6156EA, DV6156EU, DV6157EA, DV6157EU, DV6158EA, DV6158EU, DV6159EA, DV6159EU, DV6160, DV6160EA, DV6160EU, DV6161EA, DV6161EU, DV6162EA, DV6163EA, DV6164EA, DV6165CL, DV6165EA, DV6165EU, DV6166EA, DV6167EA, DV6168EA, DV6169EA

HP Pavilion DV6170, DV6170EA, DV6171CL, DV6172EA, DV6174CA, DV6174CL, DV6174EA, DV6175EA, DV6180, DV6180EA, DV6181EA, DV6182EA, DV6182EU, DV6183EA, DV6184EA, DV6184EU, DV6185EA, DV6185EU, DV6186EA, DV6186EU, DV6187EA, DV6187EU, DV6188EA, DV6188EU, DV6189EA, DV6189EU, DV6190, DV6190EU, DV6191EU, DV6195EA, DV6195XX, DV6196EA, DV6196XX, DV6197XX, DV6198XX

HP Pavilion DV6200 Series:

HP Pavilion DV6203TX, DV6215TX, DV6216TX

HP Pavilion DV6200 / DV6400 / DV6600 / DV6700 DV6500T / DV6800 / DV6900

HP COMPAQ G6000 Series

G6000 CTO G6010EG G6030EA G6030EG G6030EM G6031EA G6031EM G6032EA G6032EM G6033EA G6040EG G6050EG G6050EM G6060EA G6060EG G6061EA G6062EA G6062EM G6065EA G6065EM G6090EA G6091EA G6092EA G6092EG G6093EA G6095EG G6096EG G6097EG

HP COMPAQ G7000 Series

G7000 CTO G7001TU G7002TU G7005EG G7010EA G7010EB G7010EG G7010EM G7015EA G7015EM G7025EG G7030 CTO G7030EA G7030EV G7030XX G7031TU G7032TU G7035EA G7035EM G7040EA G7040EG G7040EM G7045EA G7050EV G7060 CTO G7061TU G7064EA G7065EA G7065EG G7065EM G7090EM G7091EA G7091EM G7091TU G7093EA G7093EM G7094EM G7095EM G7096EA

Compaq Presario V3000 Series:

V3000T, V3000Z, V3001AU, V3001XX, V3002AU, V3002TU, V3002XX, V3003AU, V3003TU, V3003XX, V3004AU, V3004TU, V3004XX,V3005AU, V3005TU, V3006AU, V3006TU, V3007AU, V3007TU, V3008AU, V3008TU, V3009AU, V3009TU

Compaq Presario V3010 Series:

V3010AU, V3010CA, V3010TU, V3010US, V3011AU, V3011TU, V3012AU, V3012TU, V3013AU, V3013TU, V3014AU, V3014TU, V3015AU, V3015TU, V3015CA, V3015NR, V3016AU, V3016TU, V3016US, V3017AU, V3017LA, V3017TU, V3018AU, V3018TU, V3018US, V3019AU, V3019TU, V3019US

Compaq Presario V3020 Series:

V3020AU, V3020CA, V3020TU, V3020US, V3021AU, V3021TU, V3022AU, V3022TU, V3023AU, V3023TU, V3024AU, V3024TU, V3025AU, V3025TU, V3026AU, V3026TU, V3027AU, V3027TU, V3028AU, V3028TU, V3029AU, V3029TU

Compaq Presario V3030 Series:

V3030AU, V3030CA, V3030TU, V3030US, V3031AU, V3013TU, V3032AU, V3032TU, V3033AU, V3033TU, V3034AU, V3034TU, V3035AU, B3035TU, V3036AU, V3036TU, V3037AU, V3037TU, V3038AU, V3038T, V3039AU, V3039TU

Compaq Presario V3040 Series:

V3040AU, V3040TU, V3041AU, V3041TU, V3042AU, V3042TU, V3043AU, V3043TU, V3044AU, V3044TU, V3045AU, V3045TU, V3046AU, V3046TU, V3047TU, V3048TU, V3049TU

Compaq Presario V3050 Series:

V3050TU, V3051TU, V3052TU, V3053TU, V3054TU, V3055TU, V3056TU, V3057TU, V3058TU, V3059TU

Compaq Presario V3060 Series:

V3060TU, V3061TU, V3062TU, V3063TU, V3064TU, V3065TU, V3066TU, V3067TU, V3069TU
Compaq Presario V3070TU, V3071TU, V3072TU

Compaq Presario V6000 Series:

V6000AU, V6000T, V6000Z, V6001AU, V6001XX, V6002AU, V6002XX, V6003AU, V6004AU, V6012EA, V6014EA, V6016EA, V6024EA, V6025EA, V6030US, V6048CL, V5057EA, V6065EA, V6066EA

Attention: Before purchasing, please check that the battery you want to buy matches the brand, model number of your device and part number of your original battery. 

Excellence Features:.

  • 100% brand New Manufacturer. Tested with strict quality control standards
  • Fully compatible with the original laptops (models listed above)
  • Class A cells provide fast loads and low power consumption. The integrated circuit protection ensures safety and stability
  • Low self-discharge rate and longer service life.
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety.
  • Discharge the new battery use to 5%(not to 0%) and then charge to 95%, and cycle 3-4 times.
  • If you remove battery for a long time, charge more than 80% at least one time within one months.
  • Don't connect adapter for a long time while using the battery. It may damage the battery.
  • PLEASE NOTE The battery 10.8V and 11.1V are compatible with each other. The battery 14.4V and 14.8V are compatible with each other.
  • This compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part number or your laptop model isn't included in the compatibility list, our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.
  • If you have any questions or dissatisfaction with the product, you can contact us at any time and we will reply within 24 Hours.
Package Contents:
  • 1x 10.8V Battery For HP Pavilion DV2000 G6000 441425-001 HSTNN-DB42