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AAA PANASONIC Batteries x16 Zinc Carbon Batteries - R03 1.5V

SKU Panasonic AAA brown box x2 packs of 10
AAA Panasonic Zinc Carbon Battery Long Lasting Power1.5V Battery
 16X Panasonic AAA Zinc Carbon Batteries  R03 1.5V
Description :-
The Panasonic Zinc AAA are a set of dry cell batteries featuring a carbon zinc cell that interacts with manganese, powdered carbon, and oxide to deliver a steady source of power. The batteries' voltage is 1.5v and their shelf life is approximately 36 months.
The Panasonic Zinc AA battery is a dry cell battery, with a zinc-carbon alkaline chemistry and a nominal voltage of 1. 5V. It is ideal for use in powering a variety of low-drain devices, including wall clocks, computer keyboards, computer mice, transistor radios, remote controls and torches with a low capacity.
This battery contains no mercury or lead, which offers environmental benefits and makes it safe to both handle and store. This, combined with an impressive three year shelf life, makes it a great candidate for bulk purchasing and then keeping at home, or in a business setting, in anticipation of future use. Each Panasonic Zinc AAA battery measures 44. 5mm in height and 10. 5mm in diameter.
Features :-
Simple but reliable technology
Excellent price versus quality ratio
Economical in terms of cost per hour for low drain appliances
No mercury, no cadmium and no lead added
Specifications :-
Nominal voltage : 1.5 V
Units per pack: 8 Batteries
Size: AAA
Common Uses: family's everyday devices, like remotes, flashlights, clocks, toys, and more
Type / Chemical: Zinc Carbon