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3M 2890S Sealed PC AS/AF Safety Goggles

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Product Details
  • Modern, slim design safety goggles, provide the wearer with an excellent field of vision
  • Available in indirect ventilation and sealed versions
  • Available in Acetate and polycarbonate lenses
  • Special coatings available reduces fogging and increase durability
  • Wide nylon comfortable elastic strap for easy adjustability

3M™ Safety Goggles 2890 Series feature a modern, slim design and are available with 5 different options using either an acetate or polycarbonate lens and either non vented or with indirect ventilation. Special frame design to fit with respiratory protection. Wide nylon comfortable elastic strap for easy adjustability.

Clear polycarbonate lens 2C-1.2 3M 1 N FT

Frame 2890S 3M 2890S EN166 3 4 5 9 BT CE

Materials Listing Component Material Lens Polycarbonate (2890/2890S/2895S) Acetate (2890A/2890SA) Frame PVC Head strap clips Nylon Head strap Elasticated Polyester Weight 104g

Product Description The 3M™ 2890 Series Goggles include two indirectly ventilated (2890 & 2890A) and three sealed versions (2890S, 2890SA & 2895S). All except 2895S feature a clear lens for protection against UV light. The 2895S features a shade 5 lens for gas welding and cutting.

Key Features • Optical class 1 lens suitable for prolonged use. • Provides excellent protection against liquid droplets and large dust particles • Lens treatment provides both scratch resistance and antifogging • Wide, easy-to-adjust strap for stable comfortable fit • Pivoting ratchet for convenient individual adjustment and fit • Indirect ventilation improves air circulation and reduces fogging in hot/humid conditions (2890/2890A) • Additional protection against gas & fine particles • (2890S/2890SA/2895S) • Acetate lens option for increased chemical resistance • Replacement lens options

Applications These products can be used in a wide range of applications including: • Chemical • Construction • Engineering • General assembly • Maintenance and repair • Pharmaceutical

Intended Use These products are intended for protection against a variety of hazards including liquid droplets (3), large dust particles (4), gas & fine particles (5), molten metal & hot solids (9), low energy impact (F) and medium energy impact (B) at extremes of temperature -5°C and +55°C (T) in accordance with EN166:2001. In addition, these products also protect against UV radiation in accordance with EN170:2002. NOTE: The 2895S lenses are assessed against EN169:2002 for transmittance requirement for welding filters. This product protects against high speed impact at medium energy at room temperature only.