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2x250ml Repel by Diver Dave Water repellent spray waders, horse Blankets, fabric

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2x 250 ml spray bottles of water repel.

This new to the market water repellent is designed for all sporting goods, and will make water bead and run off. When this was being designed to specifically wanted a product that was easy to use, and that would not require use of a washing machine or tumble drier, simply spray on and allow to dry - that is it.
In the photos you will see a tweed hat (obviously not included) that was never designed to be watertight. The first picture shows the hat when splashed with water. It was then dried and one coat of Water repell was applied. Once it was dried in fully, we again poured a cup of water over it and you can see the effect, the water beaded up in the tweed and did not soak in. It is as simple as that!
It is particularly suited to breathable fabrics, but works on basically all fabrics and leather. Salt and sweat will dramatically reduce the effect, so if the garment is contaminated with salt or sweat it must be washed and dried before application. You will not get the full effect of the water repellent in salt water
Water Repel is a great product, and can be used on basically any fabric. In testing so far we have not found a fabric it did not work on but like every spray on product firstly test it on a small hidden piece of material, in case it slightly discolours the fabric. When freshly applied the fabric will look wet, this is totally normal. It will only start working when the first application has fully dried.

Use in a well ventilated area and do not breath in the spray mist. For best results heat the bottle before use, just placing the bottle in warm water is enough to do this. It works cold but appears to work far better when warm. Spray all over from about 15cm away, ideally when lying on a flat surface so the product can soak in. It is important to let it fully dry before use or before repeating the process. Repeating not necessary for water repelling properties, but is useful for ensuring total coverage.

We have had great results on jackets, hats, boots, an Argocat canopy, car soft tops, gun slips, A boat canopy, fishing rod bags, wading jackets, waders obviously, tents, caravan awnings, gloves, and even maps! It works well on fishing flies, it was not designed for this but appears to work on all but CDC - no idea why! Repel is a water repellent, and not a water proofing agent, it is not designed to fix leaks, in some situations it may reduce a leak, but this is a side effect. It was never designed to fix holes, it will not turn a net into a bucket!
One of the most common questions is will it work on Goretex, it works perfectly on goretex. Basically, if the garment is not repelling water, and repel can soak in, then it will work. The chemistry is not choosy, if it can soak in it will work. It will run off waxed products, which should be treated with wax, but basically everything else should work.