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15L Breathing Oxygen Can with Inhaler Cap

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SKU Box 39 Oxygen Pro
The OXYGEN PRO canister is filled with 15 litres of high purity (99.5 %) oxygen and comes equipped with a high concentration, conformable and lightweight medical grade inhaler cup designed for optimal flow, giving the user a more efficient and pleasurable experience. The inhaler cup is also designed to reduce environmental impact and the can’s aluminium construction is lightweight and durable for portable use. 
Directions for use: Push trigger to release oxygen. You can vary the amount of flow by pushing down harder When the oxygen no longer flows, the can is empty. 
How many inhalations are in an Oxygen Pro canister: The tidal volume is the volume displaced between normal inhalation and exhalation. In a healthy, young adult of average build, this approximates to 350 ml to 500 ml. Since Oxygen Pro contains 15,000 ml of oxygen (15 litres), the expected number of inhalations is approximately 30 - 42 per canister. However this will vary depending upon whether the breaths are short or deep and on the user’s physical profile.