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14.8V 5200mAh 76.96Wh P150HMBAT-8 Laptop battery for CLevo 6-87-X710S-4271

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SKU Box 46 Clevo 6-87 small block laptop bat
Specifications Battery type: Li-ion. Capacity: 5200mAh/76.96WH. Voltage: 14.8V.

Replace Part Number Clevo P150HMBAT-8 6-87-X710S-4271 6-87-X710S-4J71 6-87-X710S-4272 6-87-X710S-4J72 6-87-X710S-4273 6-87-X710S-4J73

Compatible Model Sager NP8170 NP8150 NP8130 P170HM P170;

Please Note:this battery model is 6-87-X710S-4273 and not compatible with 6-87-X510S-4D72

Security All of our product are CE & ROHS certified. Grade A cells ensure fast charges and low power consumption; Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and stability.