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10 Charcoal Disc Tablet Coal Instant Light Easy Use 1 Tube Contain 10 Charcoal

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Hamil Al Musk Charcoal for Heating Shisha Tobacco – 1 Roll

Foil wrapped roll of 10 disk shaped, 33mm diameter, tablets of quick lighting charcoal for heating shisha tobacco.
Quick light charcoal which lights very quickly (30 secs) and easily (using a cigarette lighter) and is good value for money.
These charcoal disks may leave ash and crumble on burning but they can be lit with a lighter in 30 seconds compared with the up to 10 minutes required for complete ignition of the accelerant-free coconut charcoals.
Beware of imitations – this is the real deal and is complete with a holographic foil “Original” disc marker on the carton.